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Hole #1 - 428 Yards - Par 4

Blue Tee's 428 Yards
White Tee's 414 Yards
Men's Par 4
Men's Handicap 3
Red Tee's 300 Yards
Women's Par
Women's Handicap 4


Ray Richards begins with a demanding Par 4.  This hole requires a long and accurate tee shot to set yourself up with an approach shot between 160 to 180 yards.

hole 1 wtee

This is the view from the forward/red tees.  The fairway opens up a bit but it still demands an accurate drive with OB to the left and some minor tree trouble to the right.

hole one approach

The approach shot is to a large green.  Don't go too far left . . . OB is a good possibility.  A large bunker guards the right side of the green.  Make par and you are off to a very good start.

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