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Last Name First Name Email Phone Dept / Affiliation Title
Eastman Karen karen.eastman@UND.edu 701.777.3239

Teaching & Learning

Part-time Instructional

Eastman Thomas thomas.eastman@UND.edu 701.777.3063

Facilities Total

Carpenter Shop Supervisor

Eastman Samantha samantha.eastman@UND.edu 701.777.4974

Dean's Office A&S

Advising Center Assistant

Ebel Gary ebel@aero.UND.edu 701.777.2913

Admin Support Services

Senior HR Manager

Eberhardt Jordan jordan.eberhardt@UND.edu 701.777.6108

College of Engineering & Mines

AV Classrm & Dsktop Supp Tch

Eberhardt Brandon brandon.eberhardt.2@UND.edu 701.777.2066



Ebertowski Tremayne tremayne.ebertowski@UND.edu 701.777.3602

Facilities Total

Journeyman Systems Mechanic

Eckhardt Dawn dawn.eckhardt@UND.edu 701.777.4373

TRIO Programs

Assistant Director / Advisor

Eckhoff Dawn dawn.eckhoff@UND.edu 701.777.2669

Social Work

Part-time Instructional

Edosomwan Simeon simeon.edosomwan@ndsu.edu 701.777.4840

Office of Extended Learning

PT Instructional (Hr / Temp)

Edwards Kayla kayla.edwards@ndus.edu 701.858.6755

Minot CFM

Temp Medical Clinic (Hrly)

Egstad Carol carol.egstad@UND.edu 701.777.0438

Dining Memorial Union

Asst Cook

Eicholtz-Landis Sheryl slandis@undeerc.org 701.777.5124



Eickman Kara kara.eickman@UND.edu 701.777.6150

Education Resources

PT Instructional (Hr / Temp)

Eidem Benjamin benjamin.eidem@UND.edu 701.777.1028


Temp General (Hrly)

Eidenschink Benjamin benjamin.eidenschink@UND.edu 701 2934156

Internal Medicine

Medical Residents (Sal)

Eider Laura laura.eider@UND.edu 701.777.2189

Chester Fritz Library

Central Svcs Clerk

Eifert Michele michele.eifert@UND.edu 701.777.3739

University IT

User Support Specialist

Eisenzimmer Susan susan.eisenzimmer@UND.edu 701.777.3234


Part-time Instructional

Ekberg Trevis tekberg@aero.UND.edu 701.777.7800

Flight Operations

Dispatch Flight Ops

Ekren Carrie carrie.ekren@UND.edu 701.777.2781

Dining Residence

PT Dining Residence

El-Masri Maher maher.elmasri@UND.edu 701.777.4555



El-Rewini Hesham hesham.el-rewini@UND.edu 701.777.3876

College of Engineering & Mines


Elbert Amy amy.elbert@UND.edu 701.777.2831

Physical Therapy

PT Instructional (Hr / Temp)

Elden Helen helen.elden@UND.edu 701.777.3143

Teaching & Learning

Administrative Secretary

Eleid Rocio rocio.figueroadiaz@UND.edu 701.293.4156

Internal Medicine

Medical Residents (Sal)

Elfman Dale dale.a.elfman.2@my.minotstateu.edu 701.777.3656

TRIO Programs

UB Instructor

Eliason Brent brent.eliason@UND.edu 701.777.6100

Northern Plains UAS Test Site

Mission Manager

Ellenwood Dan dellenwo@aero.UND.edu 701.777.0825


Contract Lecturer

Ellingson Dee Ann deeann.ellingson@UND.edu 701.777.4682


Associate Professor

Elliott Alicia alicia.elliott@UND.edu 701.293.4113

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sci

Medical Residents (Sal)

Ellis Allen allen.ellis@UND.edu 701.777.7911

Parking Services

Temp Prkg Lot Attendant (Hrly)

Ellis Denise denise.ellis@UND.edu 701.777.2797

Dining Retail

Lead Cook

Ellwanger Kristin kristin.ellwanger@UND.edu 701.777.3984


Administrative Assistant

Embury Kevin kevin.embury@UND.edu 701.777.3907

Dining Support Services

Delivery Coordinator

Enger Tracy tracy.enger@UND.edu 701.777.4511


Clinical Asst. Professor

Engstrom Preston preston.engstrom@med.UND.edu 701.777.1200


Tmp Forsenic Invest

Enlow James james.w.enlow@UND.edu 701.777.3063

Facilities Total


Enlow Joan joan.enlow@UND.edu 701.777.3638


Records Associate

Ensrud Janelle jensrud@undeerc.org 701.777.5060


RIA / Administrative Assistant

Erbeck Alex alexandria.erbeck@UND.edu 701.777.3816

TRIO Programs

Instructor / Advisor

Erbes Emmy emmy.erbes@UND.edu 701.777.3705

Chester Fritz Auditorium


Erickson Avery avery.erickson@UND.edu 701.777.1423

Social Work

Research Assistant

Erickson Katie katie.e.erickson@UND.edu 701.777.6759

Teaching & Learning


Erickson Elaine elaine.erickson@UND.edu 701.777.4794

Student Financial Aid

Financial Aid Advisor

Erickson Joan joan.erickson@UND.edu 701.777.3314

Chester Fritz Library

Catalog & D-Base Mgmt Mgr

Erickson Jennifer jennifer.m.erickson@UND.edu 701.777.3705

Chester Fritz Auditorium

Box Office Clerk - Daily

Erickson Kathy kathleen.erickson@UND.edu 701.751.9500

Bismarck CFM

Administrative Clerk

Erickson Thomas thomas.erickson@UND.edu 701.777.5153



Ernst Julia julia.ernst@UND.edu 701.777.2255

School of Law

Assoc. Professor

Ernst Zachary zachary.ernst@UND.edu 701.777.3069


PT Instructional (Hr / Temp)

Escobar Marlys marlys.escobar@UND.edu 701.777.4534


Academic Advisor & Recruit Spc

Eslinger-Schneider Michelle michelle.eslinger@UND.edu 701.777.2517


Part-time Instructional

Espelien Brenna brenna.espelien@UND.edu

Biomedical Sciences

Temp Research Lab (Hrly)

Espinoza Heather heather.espinoza@UND.edu 701.777.4329

Facilities Housing Maintenance

Building Services Lead

Estepp Kayla kayla.estepp@UND.edu 701.293.4156

Internal Medicine

Medical Residents (Sal)

Evans Dustin dustin.evans@UND.edu 701.777.3067


Medical Residents (Sal)

Evans Sheri sheri.evans@UND.edu 701.777.2047

School of Law

Admin Sec

Evans Patrick patrick.j.evans@UND.edu 701.858.6700

Minot CFM

Associate Director

Evans Chuck chuck.evans@ndus.edu 701.777.6378

President's Office

UND Special Affiliate

Evans Nicole nicole.l.evans@UND.edu 701.738.4851

Small Business Development Ctr

Regional Director

Evans Christopher christopher.evans@UND.edu 701.777.7869

Flight Operations

Lead Instructor / Flight Mgr

Evanson Tracy tracy.evanson@UND.edu 701.777.4559



Evavold Monica monica.evavold@UND.edu 701.777.2497

Housing Residence

Administrative Assistant

Evenson Ashley ashley.n.evenson@UND.edu 701.777.6368

Masters of Public Health

Program Manager

Evenson Lynnette lynnette.evenson@UND.edu 701.777.4268

OEL Support

Student Records Specialist

Evenstad Jay jay.evenstad@UND.edu 701.777.3112

Mechanical Engineering

Research Spec

Evers Marjorie marjorie.evers@UND.edu 701.777.6857

One Stop Student Services

One-Stop Senior Advisor

Evers Emily emily.evers.2@UND.edu 701.777.2234


Student Advising, Admissions, & Marketing Specialist

Everson Chad ceverson@aero.UND.edu 701.777.7915

Flight Support Services

Avionics Technician

Eylands Kurt keylands@undeerc.org 701.777.3799


Research Scientist

Eyre Andrew andrew.eyre@my.UND.edu 701.777.2104

School of Law


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