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Last Name First Name Email Phone Dept / Affiliation Title
O'Brien Kevin kevin.obrien@UND.edu 701.777.2831

Physical Therapy

PT Instructor

O'Brien Colin colin.obrien.1@UND.edu 701.777.3341

Office of Emergency Management

Temp General (Hrly)

O'Connor Shannon s.oconnor@UND.edu 701.777.2234


Cheer-Dance Coach / Tmp Non-Bn

O'Connor Shawn 701.777.2099

Art and Design


O'Day Leo leo.oday@ndus.edu 701.777.6225

Biomedical Sciences

Temp Research Lab (Hrly)

O'Donnell Sheryl sheryl.odonnell@UND.edu 701.777.3943



O'Donnell Pat pat.odonnell@UND.edu 701.777.9365

Student Health Services

Temp Medical Clinic (Hrly)

O'Leary Sean sean.oleary@UND.edu 701.777.2591

Human Nutrition Center

Building Services Technician

O'Leary Erin erin.oleary@UND.edu 701.777.5250


EERC Chf Fin & Facilities Offr

O'Neal Sherie sherie.oneal@ndus.edu 701.777.2591

Office of Emergency Management

Operations Center Specialist

O'Neill Patrick patrick.oneill@UND.edu 701.777.3358

Economics and Finance

Professor/Associate Dean

O'Shea Lorraine lorraine.oshea@UND.edu 701.777.6376


Temp General (Hrly)

Oakland Jane jane.oakland@UND.edu 701.777.3482

Thormodsgard Law Library

Circulation & ILL Manager

Oancea Sanda cristina.oancea@UND.edu 701.777.6696

Masters of Public Health

Assistant Professor

Oberg Helen helen.oberg@UND.edu 701.777.4635

Chester Fritz Library

Subscription Specialist

Obregon Allison alison.e.obregon@UND.edu 701.777.6324

Facilities Housing Maintenance

Building Services Technician

Obregon Edward edward.obregon@UND.edu 701.777.4324

Kinesiology & Public Health Ed

PT Academic Staff Contr

Obritsch Jerry jerry.obritsch@UND.edu 701.751.9576

Obstetrics / Gynecology

Part-time Instructional

Obritsch Brian 701.777.2522

Biomedical Sciences

Temp Research Lab (Hrly) 15697

Odegard Ilene ilene.odegard@UND.edu 701.777.4178

Career Services


Odei Bismarck bismarck.odei@UND.edu 701.293.4156

Internal Medicine

Medical Residents (Sal)

Oehlke Amy amy.oehlke@UND.edu 701.777.3258

Children and Family Services

Training Coord

Oelke Margaret margaret.douthit@UND.edu 701.777.4251

Housing Residence

Cust Srvc Adm Spprt-Hsg Offc

Oerter Brandi 701.751.9500

Bismarck CFM

Temp Medical Clinic (Hrly)

Offerdahl Patricia patricia.offerdahl@UND.edu 701.751.9500

Bismarck CFM

Front Desk Clerk

Ogino Mayumi mayumi.ogino@UND.edu 701.777.0723

Sports Medicine

Instructor / Asst. Athl. Trainer

Ohe Darin darin.ohe@UND.edu 701.777.2375

Masters of Public Health

Community Faculty

Okerlund Kristi kristi.okerlund@UND.edu 701.777.6468

Student Involvemt & Leadership

Assistant Director, Student Involvement & Parent Programs

Olderbak Michelle molderbak@undeerc.org 701.777.5145


Project Management Specialist

Oli Punam punam.oli@UND.edu 701.777.6324

Facilities Housing Maintenance

Building Services Tech-Weekend

Oliver Jody josephine.oliver@UND.edu 701.777.2797

Dining Residence

PT Dining Residence

Olsen Ericka ericka.olsen@UND.edu 701.777.4169

Dean's Office Med

Account Technician

Olsen Glenn glenn.olsen@UND.edu

Dean's Office Educ

Part-time Instructional

Olson Linda linda.olson@UND.edu 701.777.2785

Office of Safety

Risk Management Officer

Olson Brittany brittany.marie.olson@UND.edu 701.777.2179

Student Health Services

Radiolgc Tech Sprv / Patient Spt

Olson Edwin eolson@undeerc.org 701.777.5000


Temp General (Hrly)

Olson Linda linda.olson2@UND.edu 701.777.4628

Chester Fritz Library

Serials Control Spec

Olson Myrna myrna.olson@UND.edu 701.777.3188

Teaching & Learning

Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor

Olson Elizabeth elizabeth.jean.olson@UND.edu 701 7772831

Physical Therapy


Olson Catherine catherine.olson@UND.edu 701.777.2644


Administrative Secretary

Olson Alan aolson@undeerc.org 701.777.5102


Master Electrician

Olson Angie angela.j.olson@UND.edu 701.777.4168

Dean's Office Med

Account / Payroll Technician

Olson Caitlin caitlin.olson@UND.edu 701.777.3945


Sign & Design Artist

Olson Timothy timothy.j.olson@UND.edu 701.777.6317

Facilities Total

Building Services Supervisor

Olson Ellen ellen.schafer@UND.edu 701.777.1759

Biomedical Sciences

Laboratory Technician

Olson Robert robert.joseph.olson@UND.edu 701.293.4102

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sci

Psychiatry Residency Prg Dir

Olson Rhonda rolson@undeerc.org 701.777.5226



Olson Patrick patrick.olson.2@UND.edu 701.777.6079


Lab Research Assistant

Olson Courtney cjacob@aero.UND.edu 70177744989

Academic Support Services

Visual Communication Spec

Olson Linda linda.m.olson@UND.edu 701.777.6150

Education Resources

PCL Facilitator

Olson Carol carol.olson@UND.edu 701.777.3966

Student Health Services

Registered Nurse

Olson Devon devon.olson.2@UND.edu 701.777.4828

Library Health Sciences

Research & Education Librarian

Olson Jane jane.olson@UND.edu 701.777.2645

Admin Support Services

Assistant to the Dean

Olson Crystal crystal.olson@ndus.edu 701.777.6345

President's Office

UND Special Affiliate

Olson Stacie stacie.olson@UND.edu 701.777.4549


Clinical Asst. Professor

Oltz Tammy tammy.pettinato@UND.edu 701.777.2653

Thormodsgard Law Library

Dir Law Library / Asst Professor

Omlid Hollys 701 7774214

Student Affairs & Admissions

Records & Office Assistant

Omojiba Oluwamakinde oluwamakinde.omojiba@UND.edu 701.777.7000

Graduate School

Student Dining Residence

Oncel Nuri nuri.oncel@UND.edu 701.777.3529

Physics & Astrophysics

Assoc. Professor

Oneal Timothy timothy.oneal@UND.edu 701.777.6325

Educational Leadership

Part-time Instructional

Opsahl Matthew matthew.opsahl@UND.edu 701.777.4480

Flight Operations

Assistant Chief Flt Instructor

Ortega Christian christian.ortega@UND.edu 701.777.3491

University Police

Building Security

Ortiz Staci staci.ortiz@UND.edu 701.777.0748

Graduate School

Records / Student Svcs Spec

Ortmann Lisa lisa.ortmann@UND.edu 701.777.3243

Teaching & Learning

Assistant Professor

Orvik Jan jan.orvik@UND.edu 701.777.3621

UND Today

Writer / Editor

Osborn Angela angela.osborn@UND.edu 701.777.3855

Student Financial Aid

Asst Dir of Processing

Osborne John john.osborne@UND.edu 701.777.2383

Marketing & Creative Services

Marketing Coordinator

Osen Wallace wallace.osen@UND.edu 701.777.3800

Education Resources

Temp General (Hrly)

Osgood Jonientz Amanda amanda.osgoodjonient@UND.edu 701.777.2749

Dean's Office A&S

Part-time Instructional

Osmondson Ryan ryan.osmondson@UND.edu 701.777.3705

Chester Fritz Auditorium


Osowski Rachel rachel.osowski.1@UND.edu 701.777.2724

VP Student Affairs

Administrative Officer

Oss Marsha marsha.oss@UND.edu 701.777.2921


Admin Sec

Ostadhassan Mehdi mehdi.ostadhassan@UND.edu 701.777.3754

Petroleum Engineering

Assistant Professor

Oster Benjamin bsoster@undeerc.org 701.777.5000


Research Scientist-Geoscience

Osterlund Rebecca rebecca.cruger@UND.edu 701.777.4028

Education Resources

Temp General (Hrly)

Ostlie Tana tana.ostlie@UND.edu 701.777.4712


Simulation Teaching Faculty

Ostlie Chris chris.ostlie@UND.edu 701.777.4301

Facilities Total

Asst Dir Fac Custodial / Lndscpg

Ostojic Drago drago.ostojic@UND.edu 701.777.4030


Bus Driver

Oswald Mitchell mitchell.oswald@UND.edu 701.777.7869

Flight Operations

Lead Instr / Flight Mgr

Ouradnik Suzanne suzanne.ouradnik@UND.edu 701.751.9500

Bismarck CFM

Family Planning Nurse

Ovtchinnikov Igor igor.ovtchinnikov@UND.edu 701.777.4471


Associate Professor

Owens Rhoda rhoda.owens@UND.edu 701.777.4175


Assistant Professor

Owens Sarah sarah.owens@email.UND.edu 701.777.4235

OEL Support

Online&DisEd / Proj Coord

Owens Rhea rhea.owens@UND.edu 701.777.6234

Counseling Dept

Assistant Professor

Owens Daniel daniel.owens@UND.edu 701.777.3348

Economics and Finance


Ozaki Carolyn carolyn.ozaki@UND.edu 701.777.4256

Teaching & Learning

Assoc. Professor

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