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Last Name First Name Email Phone Dept / Affiliation Title
Vacek Kathleen kathleen.vacek@UND.edu 701.777.3321

Teaching & Leadership

Part-time Instructional

Vacek Joseph joseph.vacek@UND.edu 701.777.3336


Assoc. Professor

Valentine Sean sean.valentine@UND.edu 701.777.3632

Management Dept


Van De Voort Tyler tyler.vandevoort@UND.edu 701.777.3067


Medical Residents (Sal)

Van Dell Wesley wesley@aero.UND.edu 701.777.7982

Flight Operations

Helicopter / Pilot

Van Eck Richard richard.vaneck@UND.edu 701.777.3528

SMHS Faculty Affairs

Education Resources

Population Health

Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning

Founding Monson Endowed Chair for Medical Education


Van Eck Sandra sandra.vaneck@UND.edu 701.777.5023


Technical Editor

Vandeberg Gregory gregory.vandeberg@UND.edu 701.777.4588


Professor / Chair

Vandeberg Michael michael.j.vandeberg@UND.edu 701.777.2781

Dining Residence

PT Dining Residence

Vanderpan McKynsay mckynsay.vanderpan@UND.edu 701.777.6147

Sports Medicine

Instructor / Asst Athl Trainer

Vanderzanden Karen karen.vanderzanden@UND.edu 701.777.4048

Rural Health

Sr. Research Specialist

VanLooy Jeffrey jvanlooy@aero.UND.edu 701.777.4755

Earth System Science & Policy

Associate Professor

Varberg Peggy peggy.varberg@UND.edu 701.777.4802

Human Resources & Payroll

Interim Director of HR

Varrin Charlene 701.777.6828

Kinesiology & Public Health Ed

PT Academic Staff Contr

Vatnsdal Laura laura.vatnsdal@UND.edu 701.777.2150



Vaughan Roxanne roxanne.vaughan@UND.edu 701.777.3419

Biomedical Sciences


Vaughan Jefferson jefferson.vaughan@UND.edu 701.777.2199



Vearrier Mary 701.777.3689

Physical Therapy

PT Instructional (Hr / Temp)

Vedquam Jean jean.vedquam@UND.edu 701.751.7505

Bismarck CFM

Billing Clerk

Velez Jr David david.velezjr@UND.edu 701.777.3067


Medical Residents (Sal)

Venhuizen Kristen kristen.pettit@UND.edu 701.777.2104

Criminal Justice

Part-time Instructional

Venhuizen Brett bvenhuizen@aero.UND.edu 701.777.3611



Verke Leah lverke@undeerc.org 701.777.5101


Procurement Assistant

Verma Ajay ajay.verma@UND.edu 701.777.6489


Student Researcher

Vervalen Mitchell 701.777.2797

Dining Support Services

Sous Chef

Vettleson Heidi hvettleson@undeerc.org 701.777.5085


Project Management Specialist

Viddal Karl karl.viddal@UND.edu 701.751.9500

Bismarck CFM

Medical Residents (Sal)

Vigen Ashley ashley.vigen@UND.edu 701.777.2975

Dean's Office CoBPA

Academic Advisor

Vimislik Linden linden.vimislik@UND.edu 701.777.4420


Philosophy & Religion

Administrative Secretary

Administrative Secretary

Viswanathan Krishnamoorthy krishnamoorthy.viswa@UND.edu 701.777.4211


Post Doc Research Fellow

Vivanco Francois francois.vivanco@UND.edu 701.777.2797

Dining Residence


Voelker James james.voelker@UND.edu 701.777.3060

Facilities Total

Equip Op / Light Deliveries

Vogeltanz-Holm Nancy nancy.vogeltanz@UND.edu 701.777.3148

Center Health Promotion Prev


Vogt Stephen stephen.vogt@UND.edu 701.777.2279

Mailing Services


Voight Mitchell mdvoight@aero.UND.edu 701.777.7884

Flight Support Services

Mgr Inventory Control

Voigt Jeffrey jeffrey.voigt@UND.edu 701.777.0384

Office of Safety

Safety Assistant

Voigt Nicole nicole.voigt@UND.edu 701.777.3396

Marketing & Creative Services

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Voigt Beverly beverly.voigt@UND.edu 701.777.4176

Physical Therapy

Administrative Secretary

Vojacek Lisa lisa.glasoe@UND.edu 701.777.2864

Teaching & Leadership

Part-time Instructional

Voll Mike michael.voll@UND.edu 701.777.5000


Building Services Tech

Voll Matthew 701.777.2591

Facilities Total

Building Services Technician

Von Rueden Jeffry jeffry.vonrueden@UND.edu 701.777.3602

Facilities Total

Systems Mechanic Supv

Vonasek Janelle janelle.vonasek@UND.edu 701.777.6481

Marketing & Creative Services

Content Strategist / Writer

Vossler Ronald 701.777.4840

Office of Extended Learning

PT Instructional (Hr / Temp)

Votava Randy randy.votava@UND.edu 701.777.4324

Kinesiology & Public Health Ed

Part-time Instructional

Votava Kristen kristen.votava@UND.edu 701.777.5683

Teaching & Leadership

ECE Graduate Director

Votava Tami tvotava@undeerc.org 701.777.5126


Assistant Director of Finance

Votava Mary Beth marybeth.votava@UND.edu 701.857.8211

Cntr for Bus Engagement & Dev

Regional Director

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