Portrait of Brian Schill

Brian Schill

  • Assistant Director, Alumni & Community Relations

Contact Info

Office Address

School of Medicine And Health Sciences Room W103
1301 N Columbia Rd Stop 9037
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9037

Curriculum Vitae


This Year’s Work in the Punk Bookshelf, Or, Lusty Scripts. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2017.


  • “Where the Fighting Sioux Met the Viet Cong.” Under Review.
  • “‘I Think I’m Dumb,’ Or, Punk’s Productive Shame,” Punk Scholars Network 2015 Conference Book of Proceedings. Birmingham: PSN Press, 2018. Forthcoming.
  • “Shame & the Politics of Punk Fiction.” Arizona Quarterly 69:4 (Winter 2013), 133-158.
  • “‘I Could’ve Been Raskolnikov’: Punk Reads Dostoevsky.” Punk & Post-Punk 2:1 (Spring 2013), 5-25.
  • “The Superego State: A Lover’s Reply.” Prairie Schooner 86:3 (Fall 2012), 85-105.
  • “Nothing Is Permitted Anymore: Postanrchism, Gnosticism, and the End of Production.” Anarchist Studies 20:1 (Spring 2012), 9-31.
  • “The Impossibility of Negation: A Theoretical Defense of ‘Crossover’ Christian Rock.” The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 16:2 (Summer 2007).


  • agricouture.org. Self-published online literary journal / news website. Fall 2016 – Present.
  • “Micah Bloom’s Skeleton Tree.” Rev. of Codex (The Digital Press at UND, 2017). North Dakota Quarterly online supplement. 5 Dec. 2017.
  • “Interview.” Appearance in Grateful Lovers: Finding Punk on the Great Plains. Directed by Christopher Jury. Seattle: Pride of Dakota, 2011. DVD.
  • “Cheerleading for ‘Abusive’ Mascots.” Extra! 23:7 (July 2010), 14-15.
  • “God’s Chosen Heathens.” Clamor 23 (November/December 2003): 56-60.
  • “June Panic.” Punk Planet 57 (September/October 2003): 64-66.
  • Agricouture. Self-published quarterly literary journal. Spring 2002 – Fall 2003.


  • “The Monkey Smokes a Cigarette, Or, Yelling at Your Television.” North Dakota University System Arts & Humanities Summit 2016. Grand Forks, ND, 29 Sept. 2016.
  • “‘I Think I’m Dumb,’ Or, Punk’s Predilection with Shame.” Presentation to the Popular Culture Asso. / American Culture Assoc. National Conference 2016 in Seattle, WA, March 22-25.
  • “The Public Library as InfoShop.”TEDx Grand Forks. 20 February 2016. Empire Arts Center, Grand Forks, ND.
  • “Love Will Tear Us Apart, Or, Henry and June Meet Sid and Nancy.” Presentation to the Popular Culture Asso. / American Culture Assoc. National Conference 2014 in Chicago, IL, April 16-19.
  • Media Learning Seminar 2014. Knight Foundation National Media Learning Conference in Miami, FL. 16-18 February 2014.
  • “James Orbinski.” Introduction for former Médecins Sans Frontières President James Orbinski, MD, before his presentation to the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Grand Forks. 26 Oct. 2011.
  • “Gateways to Best Practices for Undergraduate Research Program Directors.” A Council On Undergraduate Research (CUR) Conference, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, 14-16 June 2011.
  • “Postanarchism and the End of Production.” Presentation to the 2010 Southwest/Texas Popular & American Culture Association National Conference in Albuquerque, NM, 11 Feb. 2010.


  • 2016 North Dakota University System Arts and Humanities Summit “Best Presentation” Award
  • The 2012 Jane Geske Award for creative nonfiction from Prairie Schooner 
  • North Dakota Quarterly – Editorial Board, contributor
  • Grand Forks Public Library Foundation – Co-Founder, Chairperson. January 2015 to Present
  • Grand Forks Public Library Board of Trustees – Board President. November 2011 to May 2017.
  • Global Friends Coalition (GFC) volunteer – GFC is a Grand Forks-based, a refugee integration–oriented nonprofit organization which provides New Americans with English tutors, drivers’ education, and otherwise works to ease their integration into American life. April 2007 – August 2011