Portrait of Crystal Alberts

Crystal Alberts

  • Associate Professor/Director, UND Writers Conference, English
    • 20th and 21st Century American Literatures, Digital Humanities

Contact Info

Office Address

Merrifield Hall Room 1D
276 Centennial Drive Stop 7209
Grand Forks, ND 58202-7209


Selected Courses:

  • Engl 521 Studies in American Literature: The US 1970s
  • Engl 521 Studies in American Literature: Satire after 9/11
  • Engl 521 Studies in American Literature: American Postmodernism
  • Engl 428 Digital Humanities
  • Engl 415 Special Topics in Literature: The American 1950s & 60s
  • Engl 415 Special Topics in Literature: Law and Literature
  • Engl 415 Special Topics in Literature: Suburban Scrawl, Later 20th Century American Fiction
  • Engl 407 Studies in 20th Century Literature: Hypertexts and New Media
  • Engl 369 Literature and Culture: Science / Fiction
  • Engl 367 American Indian Literatures (cross listed as Indian Studies 379)
  • Engl 320 Studies in American Fiction: Literature after 9/11
  • Engl 304 American Literature Survey II
  • Engl 271 Reading and Writing about Texts
  • Engl 227 Introduction to Literature and Culture: American '60s
  • Engl 225 Introduction to Film: American Counterculture and Cult Classics
  • 20th and 21st Century US Literature
  • Digital Humanities, New Media, and Technology
  • Archival Studies
  • American Culture
  • Postmodernism
  • Multiethnic Literatures
  • Law and Literature
  • Literature about 9/11
  • Don DeLillo
  • William Gaddis
  • Diane Glancy

Selected Print Publications:

  • Book
    • William Gaddis, "The Last of Something:" Critical Essays. Co-editor. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2010.
  • Journal Issues
  • Book Chapters/Journal Articles/Reviews (Peer Reviewed)
    • "Introduction: On Influence." Orbit: Writing around Pynchon, 4(2): 1, pp. 1–11, doi:10.16995/orbit.198
    • “‘Freud is finished, Einstein’s next’: Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis, Chaos Theory, and Quantum Physics.” Orbit: Writing Around Pynchon 4(2): 7, pp. 1–28, doi:10.16995/orbit.196
    • "Review Essay: Fort Marion Prisoners and the Trauma of Native Education and Report to the Department of the Interior: Poems (Diane Glancy)." Transmotion.  1.2 (2015). https://journals.kent.ac.uk/index.php/transmotion/article/view/190
    • “Piecing together the Puzzle: the Manuscripts of James Merrill’s ‘Lost in Translation,’” North Dakota Quarterly. 79.1 Winter 2012 (published Spring 2014): 79-89.
    • “I’m Only Just Starting to Look”: Media, Art, and Literature after 9/11,” Transatlantic Literature and Culture After 9/11: The Wrong Side of Paradise. Ed. Kristine A. Miller. New York: Palgrave, 2014.
    • “William Gaddis’s Immortality: Celebration, Cartoon, or Corruption?,” Orbit: Writing Around Pynchon. 2.1 (2013): [np]. doi: 10.7766/orbit.v2.1.66/
    • In the Talking Leaves: Diane Glancy's Reclamation of Voice and Archives," The Salt Companion to Diane Glancy. Ed. James Mackay. Cambridge, UK: Salt Publishing, 2010.
    • "Valuable Dregs: William Gaddis, the Life of an Artist," Paper Empire: William Gaddis and the World System. Eds. Joseph Tabbi and Rone Shavers. Tuscaloosa, AL: U of Alabama P, 2007.
    • "Three Early Stories by William Gaddis," The Missouri Review. 27.2 (2004): 92-95.

Selected Digital Collections:

  • "UND Writers Conference Digital Collection." Project Director. University of North Dakota Chester Fritz Library. Grand Forks, North Dakota. Available at http://digital.undwritersconference.org (under development)
  • "The Elizabeth Barrett Browning Project." Technical Editor. Sandra Donaldson, General Editor. University of North Dakota. Grand Forks, North Dakota. Funded by an NEH Scholarly Editions Grant. (under development, currently being migrated)
  • "Nuremberg Trial Transcripts: Nazi Occupation of Norway." Editor. University of North Dakota Chester Fritz Library. Grand Forks, North Dakota. Available at https://commons.und.edu/nuremburg-transcripts/
  • "The Revised Dred Scott Case Collection." Washington University Digital Libraries. St. Louis, Missouri. Available at http://digital.wustl.edu/d/dre/index.html
  • Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis, 2008 
    (English and American Literature)
  • M.A., Washington University in St. Louis, 2001 
    (English and American Literature)
  • B.A.,  Mount Holyoke College, 1999