Portrait of Kim Donehower

Kim Donehower

  • Academic Director of Composition; English Education Program Coordinator, English
    • Literacy Studies, Rhetoric and Composition Studies, English Education

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Office Address

Merrifield Hall Room 122F
276 Centennial Drive Stop 7209
Grand Forks, ND 58202-7209

Rural Literacies, Rural Education

Selected Publications:

Re-Reading Appalachia: Literacy, Place, and Cultural Resistance. Co-edited with Sara Webb-Sunderhaus.

Reclaiming the Rural: Essays on Literacy, Rhetoric, and Pedagogy. Co-edited with Charlotte Hogg and Eileen E. Schell.

Rural Literacies. Co-authored with Charlotte Hogg and Eileen E. Schell. 

“Rural Literacies: Toward Social Cartography.” Co-authored with Michael Corbett. Journal of Research in Rural Education.

“Rural Literacies and Rural Mobilities: Textual Practice, Relational Space, and Social Capital in a Globalised World.” Co-authored with Bill Green. In International Handbook of Rural Studies

“Metaphors We Lose By: Rethinking How We Frame Rural Education.” In Doing Educational Research in Rural Settings: Methodological Issues, International Perspectives, and Practical Solutions

“Connecting Literacy to Sustainability: Revisiting Literacy as Involvement.” In Literacy, Economy, and Power: Writing and Research after “Literacy in American Lives.” 

“Why Not at School? Rural Literacies and the Continual Choice to Stay.” In Rethinking Rural Literacies: Transnational Perspectives

Ph.D. English, University of Minnesota