Sergei Nechaev

  • Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences
    • Gene regulation, epigenetics, transcription, genomics

Contact Info

  • Email: sergei.nechaev@UND.edu
  • Office: 701.777.2566
  • Dept: 701.777.2102

Office Address

School of Medicine And Health Sciences Room 1733c
501 N Columbia Rd Stop 9061
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9061

Curriculum Vitae


Peer-Reviewed Publications:

  • Zarns K, Desell T, Nechaev S and Dhasarathy A. (2015) Searching the Human Genome for Snail and Slug With DNA@Home. IEEE e-Science 2015 Conference Proceedings. Accepted 
  • Chauhan A, Quenumzangbe F, Abbas A, Bradley D, Nechaev S, Singh B., Sharma J, Mishra B. (2015) Epigenetic Modulation of Microglial Inflammatory Gene Loci in Helminth-Induced Immune Suppression: Implications for Immune Regulation in Neurocysticercosis. ASN Neuro. 7. 
  • Scheidegger A, Burkholder A, Abbas A, Zarns K, Samarakkody A and Nechaev S*. Analysis of paired end Pol II ChIP-seq and short capped RNA-seq in MCF-7 cells. Genom Data. 2015 June 25; 263-267.
  • Scruggs, B. S., Gilchrist, D. A., Nechaev, S., Muse, G. W., Burkholder, A., Fargo, D. C. & Adelman, K. Bidirectional Transcription Arises from Two Distinct Hubs of Transcription Factor Binding and Active Chromatin. Mol Cell 58, 1101-1112 (2015). 
  • Samarakkody, A., Abbas, A., Scheidegger, A., Warns, J., Nnoli, O., Jokinen, B., Zarns, K., Kubat, B., Dhasarathy, A. & Nechaev, S*. RNA polymerase II pausing can be retained or acquired during activation of genes involved in the epithelial to mesenchymal transition. Nucleic Acids Res 43, 3938-3949 (2015).  
  • Henriques, T*., Gilchrist, D. A. *, Nechaev, S. *, Bern, M., Muse, G. W., Burkholder, A., Fargo, D. C., and Adelman, K. (2013) Stable Pausing by RNA Polymerase II Provides an Opportunity to Target and Integrate Regulatory Signals, Mol Cell 52, 517-528.
    • *Co-first author 
  • Twist, K. A., Campbell, E. A., Deighan, P., Nechaev, S., Jain, V., Geiduschek, E. P., Hochschild, A. & Darst, S. A. (2011). Crystal structure of the bacteriophage T4 late-transcription coactivator gp33 with the beta-subunit flap domain of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108, 19961-19966. 
  • Savalia D, Robins W, Nechaev S, Molineux I and Severinov K (2010). The role of the T7 Gp2 inhibitor of host RNA polymerase in phage development, J Mol Biol 402 118-126
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  • Gilchrist D, Nechaev S, Lee C, Collins J, Ghosh S, Gilmour D and Adelman K (2008). NELF- mediated stalling of Pol II can enhance gene expression by blocking promoter-proximal nucleosome assembly. Genes Dev. 22: 1921-1933
  • Nechaev S* and Geiduschek EP (2008). Dissection of the bacteriophage T4 late promoter complex. Journal of Molecular Biology. 379: 402-413
    • *corresponding author
  • Zeitlinger J, Stark A, KellisM, Hong J W, Nechaev S, Adelman K, Levine M and Young R. (2007) RNA Polymerase Stalling at Developmental Control Genes in the Drosophila Embryo. Nature Genetics. 39 :1512-1516
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    • *corresponding author 
  • Nechaev S*, Kamali-Moghaddam M, Andre E, Leonetti JP, Geiduschek EP.(2004) The bacteriophage T4 late-transcription coactivator gp33 binds the flap domain of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 101:17365-70
    • *corresponding author. 
  • Wigneshweraraj SR, Burrows PC, Nechaev S, Zenkin N, Severinov K, Buck M. (2004) Regulated communication between the upstream face of RNA polymerase and the beta' subunit jaw domain. EMBO J. 23: 4264-74
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  • Nechaev, S., and Severinov, K. (1999) Inhibition of E. coli RNA polymerase by bacteriophage T7 gene 2 protein. J. Mol. Biol., 289, 815-826


o   Reviews and Commentaries. 

  • Scheidegger A and Nechaev S (2015). RNA Polymerase II Pausing as a Context-Dependent Reader of the Genome. Biochemistry and Cell Biology. In press.
  • Nechaev, S. and K. Adelman. (2011). Pol II waiting in the starting gates: Regulating the transition from transcription initiation into productive elongation. Biochim Biophys Acta 1809: 34-45
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o   Book Chapters


  • Nechaev S (corresponding author), Zenkin A and Severinov K (2009). Regulation of RNA polymerase through its active center. In RNA Polymerases as Molecular Motors, in Royal Society for Chemistry, Paris, France. ISBN: 978-0-85404-134-3 
  • Nechaev S., Imburgio D., Severinov K (2003) Purification and characterization of bacteriophage-encoded inhibitors of host RNA polymerase: T-odd phage gp2-like proteins. Methods Enzymol. 370: 212-225