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About the Pride

The Pride of the North Bands, at the University of North Dakota, is an organization dedicated to representing and supporting UND at its events and games. We are the premier athletic band program in the Upper Midwest, comprised of six outstanding groups within the Pride of which you can be a part. We are also one of the most rewarding groups at UND, featuring unique and fun opportunities for all who join.

The Pride of the North's central focus is that it exists for its members. Our goal is to create a safe and encouraging environment where all students can continue to enjoy performing and sharing their talents with the public. We are the largest University supported group at UND and are seen live by over a half a million people each year. Countless millions see us each year at our events on national television. Membership is open to all UND students regardless of year or major. In fact, we have members from almost every major on campus and from every corner of the United States.

UND's first marching band was formed in the year 1883, the year the University of North Dakota was founded. Through 130 years of tradition and excellence, music has been a focus at UND. The Pride continues that tradition of excellence lasting into the new millennium. We have a place for you at the University of North Dakota and in The Pride of the North Bands.


Director Robert Brooks
Assistant Director - Men's Hockey Director Tammy Mulske
Assistant Director - Women's Hockey Director Brady Olson
Assistant Director - Auxiliary Instructor Shannon Helseth
Color Guard Assistant Sam Perrin
Business Manager Janice Hoffarth

  Drum Majors

Sarah Aymond  
Jack Boyer  

  Section Leaders

Upper Woodwinds Hailey Johnson
Lower Woodwinds Brooke Gardner
High Brass Alaynee Van Ornum
Low Brass Eric Wanek
Low Brass Lundean Tomlin
Percussion David Bradley
Auxiliary - Colorguard Rachael Herman
Auxiliary - Twirler Nicole Thies
Equipment  Xanthe Kuhn
Equipment  Nathaniel Lockett
Equipment  Sean Szuberski


Webmaster Jayson Helseth