Portrait of Jeffrey Holm

Jeffrey Holm

PhD, Licensed Psychologist
  • Vice Pvst Online Ed&Strat Plng, Psychology
    • Health Psychology, Statistics and Quantitative Methods, Health Promotion and Media Messages, Cyber-Human Interactions and Health, and Behavioral Design and Digital Technology
  • Senior Scientist, Center Health Promotion Prev
  • Faculty Fellow, Academic Affairs

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Columbia Hall Room 2101
501 N Columbia Road Stop 8380
Grand Forks, ND 58202-8380

Curriculum Vitae


I am a Professor of Psychology, and currently Chairperson of the Department here at UND. I am also Senior Scientist at the Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research at the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences. I received my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Ohio University in 1987 after completing my internship at the University of Mississippi Medical School and the Jackson Veterans Administration Hospital. I joined the UND faculty in 1987, and served as Director of Clinical Training in psychology from 1993 to 1999. Since 2003, I have collaborated with Dr. Nancy Vogeltanz-Holm and other colleagues to develop and evaluate several community health projects in partnership with over 3000 students, employees, and patients across North Dakota. Our work has been dedicated to developing best practices for preventing chronic diseases; to the teaching and training of the behavioral sciences to health professions students; and to improving health behaviors and outcomes for economically disadvantaged persons. 

Psyc 111 - Introduction to Psychology

Psyc 210 - Human Sexuality

Psyc 270 - Abnormal Psychology

Psyc 542 - Multivariate Statistics for Psychology

  • Health Psychology
    • Health Disparities - particularly in rural, Native American communities
    • Media Messaging in Promoting Health and Preventing Disease
    • School-Based Health Promotion Programs
    • Worksite Health Promotion Programs
  • Cyber Psychology
    • Cyber-Human Interactions and Health
    • Behavioral Design and Digital Technology
    • User Experience Analysis
    • Big Data, Cybersecurity, and Human Behavior
  • Statistical Methods
    • Predictive Modeling
    • Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Structural Equations
    • Multilevel Modeling
    • Health Care Cost Analysis
    • Logistic Regression
    • Time-Series Analysis

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Vogeltanz-Holm, N. & Holm, J.E. (2017, July Published Online). Changes in body mass index during a 3-year elementary school-based obesity prevention program for American Indian and White rural students. Health Education & Behavior, 10.1177/1090198117714825

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Ohio University, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, 1987
University of Mississippi/Jackson VA Residency, Clin Psyc, 1987
Ohio University, M.S., Clinical Psychology, 1983
Hope College, A.B., Major: Psychology, 1981