Cyber Security (M.S.)

Elevate your career prospects with a graduate education in the fast-growing, high-demand field of cybersecurity.

Energy networks, defense, transportation, health care and manufacturing are all run on vital system that makeup our infrastructure. But there are vulnerabilities with these systems — some known and others yet unknown — that are ripe for harmful cyberattacks. This UND program offers a graduate-level education to give you the skill to lead the way in thwarting cyberattacks.curity.

Program Snapshot
Program type:
Master's Degree
Est. time to complete:
2 years
Credit hours:
30 (non-thesis and thesis options)

Why Study Cyber Security at UND?

Today's world is highly dependent on technologically driven systems. Threats can come from anywhere in the world, so it's vital that to have a workforce that has advanced skills to lead the next generation of protectors. Skilled cyberattack guardians are needed for the ongoing fight to keep systems and communities safe from infrastructure cyberattacks, and individuals protected from theft of financial and personal information.

With this UND graduate program, you'll benefit from a program that offers you a chance to gain advanced expertise to be able to address the complexity of critical infrastructure and information security concerns. In addition, you'll have plenty of opportunities to participate in cybersecurity research.