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Eric Burin, a historian at the University of North Dakota and author of a 2005 book about the The American Colinization Society, Slavery and the Peculiar Solution, quoted in a Smithsonian Magazine article about Liberia's "Declaration of Independence."

How One Historian Located Liberia’s Elusive Founding Document

UND Economist Dave Flynn points out the parrallels of the current national economy and the energy-boom frenzy in North Dakota just a few years ago, for The New York Times.

How This Economic Moment Rewrites the Rules 

UND Professor of History Cynthia C. Prescott contends in a viewpoint in The Washington Post, that despite a national uproar over some Confederate memorials, few have noticed theft and distruction surrounding Native American women statues.

The monument controversy nobody is talking about

Rebecca Rozelle-Stone, professor of philosophy at UND, tells NBC News that media audiences are increasingly struggling to focus on multiple global disasters at once.

Crises beyond Russia’s war: Drought and famine lose attention as Ukraine drains focus and funds

UND Associate Dean of Aerospace Beth Bjerke is a featured expert in a Flying Magazine investigation into reasons why pilots seem less likely to seek support and treatment for anxiety and depression.

MENTAL HEALTH AND AVIATION: Why Pilots Don’t Want To Talk About Mental Health—and Why They Should

It was chaotic. The economy was doing well, revenues for the local areas were up across the board, but you were still short of workers and businesses were having trouble ...That sounds a lot like the stories you’ve been hearing at the national level for the past couple years.
UND Economist Dave Flynn tells The New York Times about similarities between the oil boom economy of North Dakota and the current national labor market.The New York Times, Aug. 6, 2022

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