Why minor in American Indian studies?

With a minor in American Indian Studies at UND, you'll learn to think critically, communicate effectively and apply your knowledge in complex situations — skills that are essential in nearly every career today. You'll gain a critical understanding of:

  • Native cultures, experiences and histories
  • The importance of Native voices and perspectives
  • The wide variety of Native experiences through history and today

You'll join a close-knit group of students and faculty who are deeply engaged in research and service to the community — and you'll prepare for a dynamic career in a diverse world.


American Indian Studies at UND

  • Engage in research through independent study courses.

  • Take on a real-world internships and get involved in service learning.

  • Join the UND Indian Association and participate in activities like a film festival and an annual week-long series of events centering on the American Indian experience.

  • Form connections with dedicated faculty and receive guidance to help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

  • Learn to promote and encourage communication about culture as a member of the Indian Studies Association.

  • Gain specific knowledge about how your field relates to indigenous peoples and their situations.

American Indian Studies Courses You Could Take


Become a Leader in Action

Learn to promote cultural diversity and traditions through coursework and campus events.