Why study chemistry at UND?

Application Deadlines
Aug. 17
Dec. 15
May 1


Graduate Application Deadlines
Aug. 15
Dec. 15
May 15

Students seeking the combined degree may apply to the School of Graduate Studies after completing 60 credits.

As the foundation of all molecular sciences, chemistry plays an increasingly important role in advancing scientific knowledge. UND's combined B.S./M.S. program allows you to accelerate your career by earning two degrees on the fast track.

You'll get a broad foundation education in chemical principles and choose a targeted focus from the following specialties:

  • Analysis and applications
  • Theory
  • Synthesis

How Combined Programs Work

If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student, apply to UND and your program. As a current student, connect with your advisor to make sure you stay on track for the combined or accelerated program. During your junior year, you can officially apply to the School of Graduate Studies. Complete the required courses, and you'll earn both your undergraduate and graduate degree at the same time.

Chemistry at UND

  • Attend national and international conferences to present your research.

  • Receive financial support through a teaching assistantship.

  • Work with experienced faculty who regularly publish peer-reviewed research.

  • Join the quality American Chemical Society (ACS) certified program.

  • Use state-of-the-art instrumentation.

  •  Participate in our Chemistry Graduate Student Association and other student activities.

Chemistry Careers

The majority of UND chemistry graduates go on to careers as chemists in major industrial companies. Others become chemists at governmental agencies or academic institutions. Additional options include:

  • Biotechnology
  • The energy industry
  • Environmental protection
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Materials/polymers

A master's in chemistry also provides an excellent foundation for further study at the doctoral level.

UND Chemistry Alumni

Chemistry alumni have gone on to a variety of successful careers with:

  • University of Minnesota
  • Corning, Inc.
  • Purdue University
  • University of North Carolina
  • United States Department of the Navy

Chemistry Courses You Could Take

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