Why earn a bachelor's degree in philosophy and religious studies?

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Aug. 16
Dec. 15
May 1

Studying philosophy and religion asks you to confront life's most profound questions — such as the meaning of life, the significance of truth and what it means to live ethically. A degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from UND prepares you to grapple with thorny problems, think for yourself and create the career of your dreams.

The Philosophy and Religious Studies department offers several options:

Major in Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • Philosophy Concentration
  • Pre-Law Concentration

Minor in Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • Philosophy Concentration

Each option features small classes and an active learning environment where your voice will be heard. Whichever track you choose, you'll learn to think for yourself, craft a compelling argument and analyze information.

Philosophy is also an excellent double major. Philosophy works with everything, teaching you how to learn, think critically and excel in any career.

Law (Accelerated B.A./J.D.) Program

Shave off a year of law school while earning your bachelor's in Philosophy and Religious Studies. With the Law (Accelerated Bachelor's/J.D.) program you can double count credits your fourth year to go towards beginning coursework for a law degree.

For more information, contact Philosophy Pre-Law Coordinator: Lucian Stone

Philosophy & Religious Studies at UND

  • Take a deep dive into philosophy and religious studies with UND's Why? Radio.

  • Attend many program-held event on campus and in the community.

  • Pursue any number of religions and philosophies across the globe.

  • Conduct high-level research in collaboration with faculty

  • Celebrate your academic achievements by participating in the Phi Sigma Tau and Theta Alpha Kappa honor societies.

Philosophy & Religious Studies Careers


Median annual wage for postsecondary philosophy and religion teachers

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Growth projected for philosophy and religious studies careers


Philosophy and Religious Studies majors are in great demand in the job market because they've learned the skills that are most important in any profession: skills like critical reasoning, persuasive writing, clear communication and logical thinking.

In fact, a recent study by Payscale.com found that philosophy and religious studies majors earn more than students in any other humanities field. A degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies can take you anywhere, including:

  • Business
  • Communications
  • Higher education
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Ministry
  • Public policy work
  • Research
  • Social work
  • Teaching

Philosophy & Religious Studies Courses

Leaders that Do

Students at UND take chances, seek challenges and become leaders that do.