Why study special education?

Application Deadlines
Feb. 1* | April 15^
Dec. 15
May 1

*Freshman Priority Deadline
^Transfer Priority Deadline

Part of being a 21st century educator is knowing how to successfully teach those with challenging behaviors and diverse learning abilities. Our goal is to support you in meeting these professional expectations and their integration in the general education classroom.

A minor in Special Education is the perfect supplement to your undergraduate major. You'll understand the challenges students with special needs go through, and how to help them reach their full potential. You'll learn from a highly qualified and diverse group of faculty members with extensive experience teaching and working with special-needs children and their families.

Take courses in special education at one of our partner universities in Europe during a semester abroad.

Jobs in Special Education

Job prospects for special education teachers are excellent due to the rising enrollments of special education students and shortages of qualified teachers. Job openings are expected as a result of teacher retirements or career changes.

By declaring a minor in Special Education you will:

  • Advance your skill set and teaching efficacy which improves job performance and professional satisfaction.
  • Gain knowledge in school-wide support services, collaboration and inclusion facilitation.
  • Be better prepared to work with individuals with varied abilities and their families in a range of health, human services and educational settings.
  • Be positioned to study Special Education in the Master’s program at UND which equips teachers for highly specialized training and salary advancement.

Minor in Special Education at UND

  • The minor fulfills eligibility criteria to teach special education in North Dakota.

  • Better prepares future educators by increasing knowledge and building confidence to teach challenging behaviors and diverse learning abilities.

  • Take a variety of specialized courses in this customizable program, with online options available for introductory courses.

  • Understand this field through evidence-based instruction.

Special Education Courses