Why study strategic communication, advertising & public relations?

Application Deadline
Aug. 1


A certificate in Strategic Communication, Advertising & Public Relations demonstrates your ability to:

  • Explore multiple perspectives
  • Effectively launch advertising and public relations campaigns
  • Strategize news and messaging

A Strategic Communication, Advertising & Public Relations Certificate is an excellent pairing for students seeking Communication and Public Relations/Advertising degrees. It also adds a competitive edge to careers in business, marketing and more. When completing this certificate, you'll be able to effectively use communication strategies to enter the fields of advertising and public relations, advance in those fields or start your own business. 

Strategic Communication, Advertising & Public Relations at UND

  • Can be completed on-campus or online.

  • Teaches skills applicable to numerous workplace situations.

  • Teaches you how to effectively use modern communication strategies.

  • Can be paired with any major.

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