Register for Classes (permission numbers)

You must be admitted to UND in order to register for classes. Before enrolling, you'll need to contact your advisor to discuss your course schedule. If you have not been notified as to who your advisor is, you may log into UND Campus Connection to locate your advisor's contact information.

Please ensure that you have completed the course prerequisites prior to registration.

If your course requires a Permission Number, you will need to complete the Permission Numbers Form.

Please request only one Permission Number for each course.

Upon completion, you will be given a Permission Number for each course. Please write down or print off your Permission Number(s) for future reference.

After getting your Permission Number(s), you will be prompted to log into UND Campus Connection in order to register for online or off-campus courses:

  1. Log into UND Campus Connection
  2. Click on "Student Center" (in the blue "Menu" box at the left)
  3. Click on "Enroll" in the "Academics" section
  4. Follow the process as outlined in UND Campus Connection to register for courses. You will be required to enter your Permission Number before completing your registration.

If you need assistance, please contact UND Online & Distance Education.