Apply to be a non-degree student

If you're not seeking a degree and just want to take a class or two at UND, you would apply as a non-degree-seeking student either on-campus or online.

As a non-degree-seeking student, you can complete up to 15 undergraduate credits before you must be fully admitted to UND.

On-Campus Non-Degree Students

To apply to take on-campus classes as a non-degree student, complete the UND Undergraduate Admissions Application and choose "Non-Degree" as your Admit Type.

Online Non-Degree Students

As a non-degree student, there are two types of online classes you can take.

How to Enroll

Self-paced, enroll anytime (SPEA) courses can be taken as a non-degree online student by:

  1. Selecting the online course(s) you'd like to take.
  2. Clicking on the "Register Now" button. 
  3. Following the online registration process.
    • You'll be assessed the non-refundable $35 admission fee (U.S. funds).

Semester-based courses require admission to UND as a non-degree student. You'll need to:

  • Complete the online admissions application.
  • Select "Non-Degree" as your Admit Type.
  • Non-degree students are not required to submit transcripts or test scores as part of admission.