Taking Exams for Enroll Anytime Courses

Exam information will be noted on the course syllabus. If proctored (monitored/supervised) exams are required to complete your course, you'll need to designate a proctor to administer and supervise those exams at a location near you.

Please note that you are responsible to pay for any fees that proctors may charge for their services.

Step 1 – Review Proctor Policy 

Review the Proctor Policy to learn who can be a proctor. If you need assistance finding a qualified proctor, please contact us, or if you are taking an online exam, try our live, online proctoring service (available 24/7 for a fee).

Review Proctor Policy

Step 2 – Designate Your Proctor and Request Your Exam

Receive permission from the individual you wish to designate as your proctor. Make sure you agree upon a date, time and location for you to take your exam (must be at the proctor's work address). 

Enter your proctor and exam information into the Request for Exam Form.

Upon receipt of your Request for Exam Form, UND Online & Distance Education will verify and approve/disapprove your designated proctor. UND reserves the right to accept or reject any proctor recommendation.

Upon approval, your proctor will be sent your exam information. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for online exams. You will be notified by email when the exam information has been sent to your proctor.