Student Employment Forms

Increasing your Federal Work Study Award

If you would like to request that your Federal Work Study (FWS) award be increased, please fill out the Federal Work Study Increase Request form.

Please put the amount you would like your award increased by on the form. Your supervisor can help you determine what amount would be appropriate to request based on your wage rate and number of hours worked per week.

You will receive an email to your UND email with the outcome of the request within 1-3 business days. The FWS contact for your employing department will also be notified.

Tracking your Federal Work Study Earnings

To view your current earnings under the FWS program, log into the Student Employment FWS Database .

You will see your earnings for the current academic year or current summer session. This database is updated every pay period with the most current earnings.

screen shot showing what aid status looks like

Student Break Waiver

Student employees at UND shall be offered meal period and/or rest period breaks in accordance with federal and state labor laws. 

All departments are required to offer employees who work more than four consecutive hours in any one day a minimum of thirty consecutive minutes for one meal.  A student employee may waive their right to an unpaid meal break if their employing department is in agreement. 

If the employing department allows a student to waive their unpaid meal break, the student must complete the Student Break Waiver Form and the employing department must keep the signed Student Break Waiver Form on file.  If a student completes a Student Break Waiver Form, the student is still entitled to a minimum 30-minute unpaid meal break if they choose. 

Departments can offer students a paid rest break consisting of 15 minutes for every four consecutive hours the student works.  If a department chooses to offer a paid rest break, they must offer this paid rest break to all student employees.  Student employees must be relieved of all duties during a meal break or rest period and be free to leave their assigned work area. 

Meal breaks and/or rest periods should be scheduled by the supervisor to allow for appropriate coverage of the department.  However, departments must schedule reasonable meal breaks and/or rest periods in accordance with the student’s shift. 

Meal breaks or rest periods must be taken during the student’s shift and cannot be taken at the start or end of a shift.  Multiple paid rest periods cannot be combined into one break to allow for a longer break.