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Notice to Federal Work Study(FWS) Student Supervisors:

Per federal regulations, students are not permitted to work in Federal Work Study (FWS) positions during their scheduled class times. Students should submit their course schedule to their supervisor in order to ensure that they are not working during class time. If a supervisor requires a student to work during class time, the department may be forced to surrender their FWS allocation. Student Employment in cooperation with HR/Payroll and Financial Aid will be monitoring hours worked by FWS students to ensure they do not work during scheduled class times.

Please direct any questions to:

Cassandra McDonald
Student Employment Coordinator

Log into the Student Employment Federal Work Study Earnings Database

  • The Student Employment Federal Work Study Earnings Database helps you to track not only your FWS student’s earnings, but also your department’s allocation of FWS funds.
  • Each pay period, an email will be sent out to supervisors that are listed as FWS contacts. The email will indicate when the latest earnings report is ready to view.
  • As a FWS supervisor, it is your responsibility to ensure
    • Your student employees do not exceed their FWS awards. Student employees can request an increase to their FWS award by filling out the FWS Increase Request form
    • Your department does not exceed their FWS departmental allocation. You can request an increase to your department’s allocation in the database under FWS Funds Requests.
  • More information on how to use the Student Employment Federal Work Study Database can be found in this manual
  • If you would like to request an increase to your departmental Federal Work Study allocation, please log into the  Student Employment Federal Work Study Earnings Database

  • Select FWS Funds Request on the left side under the Department Managers menu.
  • Fill out the form with as much detail as you have available.
  • You will receive an email confirming that you have submitted a request.
  • Requests are reviewed as funding becomes available. If you have any questions, please contact us at
  • Job Classifications and Wage Rates
  • If you would like to pay a student employee a wage of $14+ under the Level III job classification, you must submit a Wage Justification form for approval before your job is posted. 

  • Student Employees may not be salaried without prior approval. They must be paid hourly and use the Time & Labor system in HRMS to punch in/out.

Student employees at UND shall be offered meal period and/or rest period breaks in accordance with federal and state labor laws. 

All departments are required to offer employees who work more than four consecutive hours in any one day a minimum of thirty consecutive minutes for one meal.  A student employee may waive their right to an unpaid meal break if their employing department is in agreement. 

If the employing department allows a student to waive their unpaid meal break, the student must complete the Student Break Waiver Form and the employing department must keep the signed Student Break Waiver Form on file.  If a student completes a Student Break Waiver Form, the student is still entitled to a minimum 30-minute unpaid meal break if they choose. 

Departments can offer students a paid rest break consisting of 15 minutes for every four consecutive hours the student works.  If a department chooses to offer a paid rest break, they must offer this paid rest break to all student employees.  Student employees must be relieved of all duties during a meal break or rest period and be free to leave their assigned work area. 

Meal breaks and/or rest periods should be scheduled by the supervisor to allow for appropriate coverage of the department.  However, departments must schedule reasonable meal breaks and/or rest periods in accordance with the student’s shift. 

Meal breaks or rest periods must be taken during the student’s shift and cannot be taken at the start or end of a shift.  Multiple paid rest periods cannot be combined into one break to allow for a longer break.

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