Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Full-time rates are for 12 credits for a full academic year (fall and spring semesters), unless otherwise noted. Full time enrollment for summer term is nine credits, unless otherwise noted. 

*Tuition and fees are subject to change.

2018-19 Rates

Residency Amount Per Credit Full Time Enrollment Room & Meal Plan Books & Supplies TOTAL
ND Resident $362.31 $8,695 $8,974 $1,000 $18,669
MN Reciprocity $398.43 $9,562 $8,974 $1,000 $19,536
Contiguous $512.81 $12,307 $8,974 $1,000 $22,281
WUE $512.81 $12,307 $8,974 $1,000 $22,281
MSEP $512.81 $12,307 $8,974 $1,000 $22,281
Non-Resident $864.98 $20,759 $8,974 $1,000 $30,733
  • Rates include mandatory fees.
  • Additional course and/or program fees may be charged based on the student's enrollment. Please refer to these categories below for additional information.
  • Online courses (excluding Distance Engineering and Space Studies) are assessed resident tuition, regardless of state of residence. Tuition for online courses is not capped at 12 credits.
Residency Amount Per Credit Full Time Enrollment
ND Resident $403.98 $9,695.44
MN Reciprocity $403.98 $9,695.44
Contiguous $403.98 $9,695.44
WUE $403.98 $9,695.44
MSEP $403.98 $9,695.44
Non-Resident $403.98 $9,695.44
  • Rates include the mandatory fees.

Undergraduate Program Fees

$12.50 per credit hour, max. $300.00 per academic year

$25.00 per credit hour, max. $600.00 per academic year

$45.00 per credit hour, max. $1,000.00 per academic year

$45.00 per credit hour, max. $1,000.00 per academic year


$18.75 per credit hour, max. $450.00 per academic year


$18.75 per credit hour, max. $450.00 per academic year

Other Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees for the Distance Engineering Degree Program are based on state of residency:

  • Distance Engineering courses are charged an access fee of $170 per credit.
  • Distance Engineering labs on-campus in the summer are charged a $270 access fee per credit.
  • $25 per credit hour Professional Program Fee charged for all students majoring in an engineering discipline, up to a maximum of $300 per semester.
  • Student fees are assessed for all courses up to a maximum of 12 credits.

For questions, please contact the College of Engineering & Mines at UND.CEMInfo@engr.und.edu

A collaborative student is one who is earning their degree from UND and chooses to enroll in courses at another North Dakota University System (NDUS) institution within the same term. The institution from which the student is earning a degree is considered the "home institution." The institution(s) that supplies courses for a degree is considered the "provider institution(s)."

The student pays tuition/fees at their Home Institution for the Collaborative Courses. The cost information is received from the Provider Institution. This additional amount will be included on the student's account balance at UND. Collaborative courses are not subject to the UND tuition cap.

Please see Collaborative Registration Information.

UND School of Law offers two Joint Degree Programs with the UND College of Business and Public Administration. Students earn either their MPA or MBA alongside their J.D. Students pay both Law tuition on the Law credits and Graduate tuition on the Graduate credits. Depending upon the combination and number of credits between the two programs, the tuition could be more or less when compared to being in only one of the programs full time. In most cases the student will be paying more tuition.

Students also pay the Law program fee and the Business program fee, based on the number of credits they are taking of each program. The Law fee is $53.33 per credit, capped at $1,600 per academic year; the Business fee is $12.50 per credit, capped at $300 per academic year.

Mandatory fees (ConnectND, NDSA, technology, and student fees) for both programs are per credit and cap at 12 credits per program/degree. Therefore, a student enrolled in the Joint Degree program will always pay more in fees than a student in only one degree program. Since these students are in two careers and receiving two degrees, the fees cap at 12 credits for each program, not 12 credits total.

Course fees are specifically related to a particular course and cover the costs associated with the course. Such fees may include, but are not limited to, laboratory fees, supplies, fees for required periodicals or tests.

Mandatory fees support costs that are associated with services, activities, facilities and infrastructure that support students outside the classroom.

These mandatory fee amounts are included in the tuition costs listed above.

  • UND Student Fees - $597.24 per semester (max)
  • Technology Fee - $72 per semester (max) 
  • Connect ND Fees - $66 per semester (max)
  • NDSA Fee - $0.48 per semester (max)
  • Auditing a Class - Auditing fees will be 50% of the regular, per hour tuition charge of the same course. Mandatory fees are not charged.
  • Continuing Enrollment - $100 per credit hour; regular tuition is not charged for Continuing Enrollment credits and mandatory fees are not charged.
Aviation students, visit the Aviation website and select "Prospective Students" to view a breakdown of estimated flight costs.

Changes to fees are governed by State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) Policy 805.2 and 805.3. Waiver of mandatory fees is governed by SBHE Policy 820.