Why minor in dance?

UND's dance program provides an introduction to acting and the study of dance styles ranging from Fundamentals to Musical Theatre, Jazz and Tap.

The minor in Dance is an excellent supplement to any major. For example:

A minor in Dance prepares you for careers in the arts and beyond. Among the careers open to you are:

  • Dance teacher
  • Ballet dancer
  • Contemporary dancer
  • Musical theatre dancer
  • Choreographer
  • Dance therapist
  • Arts administrator

Dance at UND

  • Perform in dance recitals and musical theatre performances

  • Enjoy close, collaborative relationships with faculty

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural life of Grand Forks

  • Join the student-run Society of Dionysus and help promote the arts at UND

Dance Minor Courses

Leaders That Do

Immerse yourself in student life on campus and share your passion for leadership.