Atmospheric Sciences (B.S.)

Gain the knowledge and experience that will enable your journey of exploration of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The atmosphere and its processes impact all human life on Earth. The next generation of atmospheric scientists will expand our understanding of meteorological phenomena and provide advanced lead time of hazardous weather. This UND program prepares you for a career in this evolving field.

Program Snapshot
Program type:
Est. time to complete:
4 years
Credit hours:

Why Study Atmospheric Sciences at UND?

Today, our complex society and our environment are affected even more seriously by events and changes in the atmosphere. Be a part of the next generation of atmospheric scientists who continue to expand our knowledge of weather and help keep the public safe from hazards..

With this UND undergraduate program, you'll have opportunities to:

  • Benefit from program that allows you to tailor your curriculum by selecting from a wide variety of related fields.
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of evolving nature and the atmospheric forces all around us.
  • Prepare to work in a wide variety of agencies, laboratories, businesses, and educational institutions.