Why earn a bachelor of general studies?

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You can also earn this degree through online, enroll anytime courses.

UND’s General Studies major suits your wide-ranging interests, and gives you the freedom to enroll in a cross-disciplinary series of courses.

You’ll work closely with your advisor to develop an individualized curriculum, which includes UND’s Essential Studies requirements. Choose courses in any discipline, including:

  • Social Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Fine Arts
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics

General Studies is an ideal major if you are transfer student committed to finishing your bachelor’s degree. Many in the program plan to pursue graduate programs or are looking for career advancement opportunities.

You can earn your General Studies degree on campus or online. Our self-paced option allows you to enroll anytime and take classes at your own pace. The General Studies bachelor's degree cannot be combined with another major or degree program. 

General Studies Major

  • Immerse yourself in another culture through one of 300 study abroad programs

  • Gain experience in the workplace through an internship

  • Join any of our 275+ student clubs or organizations

  • Experience a broad, multidisciplinary education

  • Opt to earn your General Studies degree 100% online with our enroll anytime online courses

  • For those who are Active Duty, the General Sudies degree program is AU-ABC degree eligible

What can you do with a general studies degree?


Median salary for sociologists

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Sociologists


Median salary for human resource managers

U.S. Bureau of Statistics: Human Resource Manager

Employers value graduates who are able to use approaches from multiple fields when addressing today's complex problems. A General Studies degree allows for unique combinations of interests and training. The General Studies major offers maximum flexibility on choosing courses and designing a career.

With a bachelor of General Studies, you'll have the analytical and communication skills to succeed anywhere. Among the options:

  • Graduate study in law or humanities
  • Human resources
  • Social work
  • Higher education
  • Counseling
  • Journalism
  • Human services
  • Communications

General Studies Degree Course Options

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