Essential Studies

Essential Studies (ES) is UND’s program in general education.

Along with your major, it helps form the core of your UND undergraduate education.

ES Learning Goals

The heart of ES is its six learning goals.

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Critical Inquiry & Analysis is about collecting and analyzing information to reach conclusions based on evidence.

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Quantitative Reasoning is about being competent and comfort able when working with numbers and graphic displays of information based on numbers.

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Written Communication is about developing and expressing ideas in writing or with a mix of words, data, and images.

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Oral Communication is about presenting information (formally or informally) in various settings and sizes to achieve some purpose.

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Information Literacy is about being able to find necessary information, understanding where that information comes from, evaluating and using the information appropriately.

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Intercultural Knowledge & Skills is about acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to interact successfully with others from different backgrounds and being able to apply that understanding to contemporary issues.