History of Essential Studies at UND

Program Review

In September 2014, UND conducted its first program review for Essential Studies (ES). Thinking of ES as a program—as a coherent whole, not simply the collection of courses—was one of the goals of our General Education Task Force when they developed ES program. It was also their recommendation to conduct periodic program reviews. In that sense, the program review is another significant step in the continued development and refinement of Essential Studies.

View the ES Program Review Team's final report prepared in November 2014.

Transition to Essential Studies

In May 2007 the University Senate approved a recommendation to replace the University's General Education Program with the current Essential Studies program. That recommendation, which came about after years of work by a group consisting of members from across campus -- the General Education Task Force -- led to a year of transition that culminated in the beginning of the Essential Studies program starting with the freshman class of 2008-2009.