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UND's enroll anytime courses are offered online and are open for enrollment any day of the year. These courses are self-paced, so you can work at your own pace and have 3 to 9 months to complete the course. 

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Enroll Anytime Courses

ANTH171: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ART110: Introduction to the Visual Arts

ART230: Introduction to Drawing

CJ201: Introduction to Criminal Justice

COMM102: Communication and the Human Community

COMM103: Information, Technology and Social Change

COMM110: Fundamentals of Public Speaking

COMM200: Introduction to Media Writing

COMM300: Communication and Society

COMM345: Social Media Strategy

ECON105: Elements of Economics

ECON201: Principles of Microeconomics

ECON210: Introduction to Business and Economic Statistics

ECON303: Money and Banking

ENGL110: College Composition I

ENGL130: Composition II: Writing for Public Audiences

FA150: Introduction to the Fine Arts

GEOG121: Global Physical Environment

GEOG121L: Global Physical Environment Lab

GEOG151: Human Geography

GEOG161: World Regional Geography

GEOL101: Introduction to Geology

GEOL101L: Introduction to Geology Laboratory

GEOL111: View of Earth and Planets

GERM101: First Year German I

GERM102: First Year German II

GERM406: Literary Voices: Death & Apocalypse

HIST101: Western Civilization I

HIST102: Western Civilization II

HIST103: United States to 1877

HIST104: United States since 1877

HIST105: World Civilizations I

HIST325: American West

IS121: Introduction to American Indian Studies

KIN401: Sport Sociology

KIN440: Sport Psychology

LANG380: Global Gateways

MATH092: Algebra Prep II

MATH093: Algebra Prep III

MATH103: College Algebra

MATH105: Trigonometry

MATH107: Precalculus

MATH146: Applied Calculus I

MATH165: Calculus I

MATH166: Calculus II

MATH207: Introduction to Linear Algebra

MATH208: Discrete Mathematics

MATH265: Calculus III

MATH266: Elementary Differential Equations

MGMT300: Principles of Management

MUSC200: Music in America

MUSC201: Rock and Roll History

ND240: Fundamentals of Nutrition


NORW101: First Year Norwegian I

PHYS110: Introductory Astronomy

POLS116: State and Local Government



PSYC111: Introduction to Psychology

PSYC210: Human Sexuality

PSYC241: Introduction to Statistics

PSYC250: Developmental Psychology

PSYC270: Abnormal Psychology

PSYC303: Research Methods in Psychology

PSYC360: Introduction to Personality

PSYC361: Social Psychology

PSYC405: History and Systems of Psychology

SOC110: Introduction to Sociology

SOC115: Social Problems

SOC252: Criminology

SOC253: Juvenile Delinquency

SOC323: Sociological Research Methods

SOC326: Sociological Statistics

SPAN101: First Year Spanish I

SPAN102: First Year Spanish II

T&L252: Child Development