In order to make the study abroad experience as safe and successful as possible, UND maintains certain policies to which students enrolling in study abroad programs are bound. It is your responsibility to follow the policies delineated here.

How We Determine Which Countries are Under Travel Warnings

We regularly monitor information relevant to the safety of all UND students abroad, from official sources as well as from our domestic and international partners and colleagues. We give primary consideration to Travel Advisories issued by the U.S. Department of State.

Our Policy

The basic premise from which we operate is that, except in special circumstances, UND will not offer or support study abroad in countries that are under a State Department Travel Warning. This means that UND will not register students for the time they are abroad nor will they authorize access to financial aid for the program.

This policy applies to graduate and undergraduate students on programs offered through the UND, whether they are administered through the International Center or faculty-directed programs that have been arranged by a campus, a school or a department.


Requests for exemptions based on "special circumstances" are evaluated on a program-by-program basis by the International Center in consultation with the Office of the Provost, Campus Safety & Security, and General Council.

Decisions for exemptions will be based on:

  • The nature of the Travel Advisory, including the locations most impacted by the Warning.
  • The experience and training of program organizers and local support staff.
  • The importance and academic relevance of student involvement.
  • What the program will do to minimize the risk to students.
  • The extent of the safety and security orientation provided and the program's willingness to get the students' informed consent regarding participation, despite the Travel Warning.

Administered and Faculty-Directed Programs

Unless an exemption is granted by the International Center, the UND will not offer administered programs or send students on faculty-directed programs in countries that are under a State Department Travel Warning.

Should a Travel Advisory be issued while a program is under way, the Office of International Programs will determine, following appropriate consultation with on-site staff, appropriate internal departments (such as University Counsel and/or Campus Safety & Security), peer institutions, other organizations that offer programs abroad and area experts, whether conditions warrant suspension of the program and/or departure of the student from the host country.

Affiliated and Non-Affiliated Programs

UND strongly discourages students from participating in affiliated and non-affiliated programs in countries under a State Department Travel Advisory.

UND will not provide support services that UND students going abroad normally receive. That is, UND will not register the students for the time they are abroad nor will they authorize access to financial aid for the program. While we anticipate that students may leave UND to participate in a non-UND program and later seek transfer credit for their work, we reiterate that UND discourages this course of action. A student's decision to do so is wholly voluntary and not the responsibility of UND.

How to Prepare Requests for Exemptions

Individual students should submit the following information to the Director of the International Center:

  1. Details about the geographic environment of the program and its relationship to security issues.
  2. Information about the travel advisories or warnings of other countries about the country under the U.S. Department of State's Travel Warning.
  3. Describe in detail the local support structure on site and detailed preparation you will receive for security-related issues (with detailed examples).
  4. The academic relevance of the program to the student’s degree programs and/or the importance of the presence of the students to the program itself (e.g. the impact of their contributions locally).

Confirm that, should the International Center permit the program to operate, the program organizer is willing to have participants sign a special waiver stating that they have received and read the most recent Travel Warnings and are voluntarily participating nonetheless.

While on study abroad, you are still bound by the UND Code of Student Life, the Academic Catalog, and federal financial aid regulations.

If at any point during the study abroad process you have questions about the policies, please contact the Education Abroad Office. For our part, we will do our best to follow the policies as described here, but please understand that world situations can change rapidly and we reserve the right to adapt our policies as necessary to safeguard your physical, emotional, and academic well-being.

The UND International Center requires a $50 application fee before any application to any Education Abroad Program will be considered. This fee is non-refundable.

The International Center also requires a non-refundable $300 study abroad fee which is charged at the time the student commits to their program. Students will need to "commit" to their program through their Education Abroad Portal by:

  • February 28 for summer
  • March 15 for fall programs
  • October 15 for spring programs

Application and Study Abroad fees post to Campus Connection within 3-5 business days of the commitment deadlines.

Students withdrawing after commitment must formally notify the International Center by selecting ‘Withdraw’ on their application through their Traveler Profile and by notifying their Study Abroad Advisor by email.

Withdrawal is effective from the date the application status is changed and the email is received.

Participants are responsible for all program fees incurred on their behalf until withdrawal notice has been received by the International Center. The participant is responsible for communicating their withdrawal to their host institution or provider program.

Some fees are non-refundable and are subject to the UND International Center Refund Policy (outlined below).

Faculty-led Participants:

Although UND will attempt to maintain the program as described in its publications and brochures, it reserves the right to change the program, including the itinerary, travel arrangements, or accommodations, at any time and for any reason, with or without notice, and that neither the State of North Dakota, nor the University, nor the employees and agents of either, shall be responsible or liable for any expenses or losses that the student may sustain because of those changes.

The application and study abroad fees are posted at the same time as noted by the dates below.

The non-refundable application fee ($50) applies to all students who submit applications regardless of the submission date.

Only students who select "Commit" on their application portal will be charged the study abroad fee ($300). Accepted students who do not select "Commit" by the deadlines will not be charged the study abroad fee ($300).

*If a student selects “Commit” after the deadline has passed the study abroad fee ($300) will be charged.

*If a student withdraws after the commitment deadline the student is still responsible for paying the study abroad fee ($300).

UND application and study abroad fees are posted to Campus Connection (and non-refundable) within five business days of:

February 28 for summer programs

March 15 for fall programs

October 15 for spring programs

Students participating on UND exchanges, UND partner programs, or affiliated programs should also refer to the withdrawal/refund policy of the host institution, and /or affiliated program.  Under extenuating circumstances, the International Center may evaluate my situation to override the policy to refund my deposit/administrative fees.

Faculty-led Participants:

At that point in time, UND incurs certain non-recoverable costs. Therefore, any participant who withdraws at any time, or if the program is cancelled after the confirmation fee has been received, will be assessed a portion of the program fee, based on non-recoverable costs. Participants and/or institutions will be invoiced and a hold placed on all UND records until payment has been made in full. Past due accounts will be subject to handling charges and collection procedures. A minimum of four weeks is required for processing a refund.

Students dismissed from a program are responsible for the full program fee, and no refunds will be available under any circumstances.

A hold will be placed on the participant’s record if a check is returned for insufficient funds or if a stop payment is issued on a check. The hold will remain in effect until all assessed program fees and any handling charges are paid in full.

NOTE: Students intending to finance any portion of the educational costs of this program of study with financial aid awarded or administered by the UND Financial Aid Office must make application for such assistance well in advance. For spring or fall semesters, in order to receive federal financial aid the student must be enrolled for at least the equivalent of the 6 US academic credits per semester, 12 credits for state financial aid, and it is the student’s responsibility to determine that their course load abroad fulfills this requirement. Students who drop below 12 credits may forfeit any future financial aid money available to them upon return. For summer semester the minimum credit load financial aid is 6 credits.