Personal Information

Keeping your UND account and personal information updated is important so we can contact you in case of emergency or to notify you of issues related to your account. 

Contact Information

It's important for you to keep UND up-to-date with your current address and contact information. The legal name listed in Campus Connection is the way your name will appear on your diploma, and your listed home address will be used for almost all mailed correspondence.

To change your contact information:

  • Log in to Campus Connection
  • Click Campus Personal Information in the main menu
  • Click on a menu item to view/update your
    • Names (Preferred only, legal name changes must be completed with the "Name Change" form)
    • Addresses (Home, Permanent, or Parent)
    • Email Addresses (Campus email can only be changed by the Registrar's Office)
    • Emergency Contacts
  • Click Save button

SSN/Name Change

If you would like to update or change private information, such as your legal name, complete the Name Change form, accompanied with the current supporting documents.

If you would need to change or update your Social Security number, simply bring in an ID and your Social Security card.


If you plan to change your state of residence to North Dakota, you must apply and be approved for the residency change within 30 days of the first class day of the semester. If you successfully change your residency within this time period, your tuition amount will be adjusted to your new resident status for the current semester. Your residency and tuition rate will be updated for the current semester going forward.

To change your residency, review the information and fill out the required form on the ND Residency page

Make sure to check for the accuracy of your current tuition rate.  To check your rate:

  • Log in to Campus Connection
  • Within your Student Center, click Student Account Details in Finances 
  • Click Tuition/Fees
  • Click Account Details

Restricted Directory

Using your NDUS username and password, you can connect with fellow students, staff and faculty through UND's online directory. To restrict your directory so that your name and other personal information do not appear it in, complete the Restricted Directory form and bring it to the Registrar's Office before the 10th day of the semester. If you have chosen to restrict your directory information and want to reverse your decision, submit a written request to the Office of the Registrar.