Billing Information

Tuition, fees, housing, and meal plan charges are due at the beginning of the semester according to the Dates and Deadlines Calendar. If these charges are not paid or if a payment plan has not been set up by the deadline for the semester, a late payment fee may be assessed.

Receiving your aid

If you've accepted financial aid, it will automatically be applied to your account. Financial aid is normally applied after the last day to add/drop a course. The Student Financial Aid Office will verify that the number of credits you're enrolled in corresponds with the amount of aid you'll be receiving. Any adjustments will be made to your account before aid is applied.

Due Dates

All specific and important dates are posted in the Calendar. All other charges are due when incurred.

No paper statements or bills will be mailed. Students will receive an email notification to their student email account when a new e-Bill has been posted .To view e-Bills, go to Campus Connection and select "Student Center" then "Pay Online Now".

Students are responsible for paying their charges whether or not they receive an e-Bill notification or other statement.

Students who do not have an account balance when e-Bills are generated will not have an e-Bill posted that month. E-Bills are retained online for 12 months.

UND allows you to select how you would like to receive excess financial aid or other refunds from the University.

Do not throw away your Refund Choice Selection Packet.

  • The Refund Choice Selection Packet is needed to select your preference for receiving excess financial aid and other refunds.
  • The Refund Choice Selection Packet is mailed to your home address in Campus Connection.
  • Choose your refund preference at
  • Refund options include:
    • Direct deposit to your existing bank account.
    • Deposit to a "Vibe" with Bank Mobile.

Companies and individuals who are not registered students will receive a monthly billing statement in the mail. These statements are mailed at the beginning of each month. Please notify Student Account Services immediately if your address has changed by calling 701.777.3911 or email

Non-Student individuals will be subject to the monthly late payment fee of 1.75% on charges more than 30 days past their due date

External organizations/companies will be subject to the monthly late payment fee of 1.75% on charges more than 60 days past their due date.

A late payment fee will be assessed on a monthly basis for any unpaid, past due charges. See the Calendar for the dates and deadlines.

Students with unpaid charges after the deadline will be assessed a monthly late payment fee of 1.75% of their total past due charges. Charges are considered past due once they are more than 30 days past their due date.

  • The 1.75% late fee will be charged monthly, not once a semester.
  • The late fee will apply to all outstanding charges, as of the 15 th of each month, past due over 30 days.

One Stop Student Services must receive payment before the last day to make payment without a late payment fee. Payments postmarked but not received by the final due date will be considered past due and subject to a late fee penalty. Please allow sufficient mailing time.

If you have a past due balance, a hold will be placed on your Campus Connection account that prevents registration and the release of transcripts and diplomas. For more information, click on the Hold under your "Holds and To Do" list in Campus Connection.

If charges are not paid within 30 days, a delinquent account hold will be placed on the account. Students and non-students who have a delinquent account hold shall not be allowed to register, receive a transcript of records, or receive certification of academic credits, grades, diplomas, or receive degrees of graduation until their delinquent account balance is paid in full.

Past Due Account

UND contracts with collection agencies to assist in the collection of past due accounts. Please contact Student Account Services immediately if your account is past due as this may prevent your account from being referred to a collection agency. UND's collection agencies do report to the major credit bureaus. Please call 701.777.3911 or email

Student Health Charges

Contact Student Health Services regarding all student health related charges at or 701.777.4500. You are still responsible for the charges placed on your student account. If you have private health insurance, you must contact your health insurance provider regarding filing a claim for reimbursement. Once your insurance company reimburses UND, you will receive a credit on your student account.

Housing Charges

Contact the Housing Office regarding housing charges on your account, i.e. damages, electricity, rent etc at or 701.777.4251.

Library Fines

Contact the Chester Fritz Library regarding past due fines and replacement cost charges on your account at 701.777.2011.

Parking Fines

Contact the Parking Services regarding parking charges on your account at or 701.777.3551.

Children's Center Charges

Contact the Children's Center regarding childcare charges on your account at 701.777.3947.

Telecommunications Charges

Contact the Telecommunications department if you have questions regarding your telephone or DSL services at 701.777.4111.