Tax Information

The 1098-T contains information about qualified tuition and related expenses which can be used to help determine whether the student, or the person who can claim the student as a dependent, may take either the tuition and fees deduction or claim an education credit to reduce federal income tax.

IRS 1098-T Video

General 1098T Questions

Aviation flight costs are included in Box 2 of the 1098T with other tuition and fee charges. Aviation students will no longer need to obtain this information from Aerospace.

Students will have the ability to view and print copies of their 1098-T tax forms online – even without granting consent to no longer receive paper copies. Tax information for current and prior years will be available online. 

Once consent has been granted, UND will no longer mail a paper 1098-T to the student. Documents will be available online through Campus Connection. If consent was granted in a prior tax year, no action is needed to continue to receive an electronic form


  1. Log into Campus Connection.
  2. Select "View 1098-T Info."
  3. Click "Grant Consent."
  4. Read the 1098-T Consent Agreement and check the agreement box.
  5. Click "Submit."

Students who have not granted consent by January 22, 2018 will be mailed a paper copy to their Home address as listed in Campus Connection. Students should review their address information in Campus Connection prior to January 22, 2018 to ensure that it is accurate.

UND will not mail duplicate copies after the initial mailing of forms.

If families or students did not receive their forms, students can access it online:

  1. Log into Campus Connection.
  2. Select "View 1098-T Info."
  3. Select the preferred tax year.
  4. Print the form.

Students enrolled in Correspondence courses through the Office of Extended Learning will receive a separate paper 1098-T for those courses – even if consent has been granted to only receive electronic copies. This is because the information relating to those courses is housed in a separate database. Therefore, students enrolled in BOTH regular UND courses and this specific type of Extended Learning course should expect to receive two separate 1098-T's. Students should use both forms when preparing their taxes. Therefore, if those students grant consent to receive their regular UND tuition information electronically, they should use both the electronic form in Campus Connection and the paper form that is mailed to them by the Office of Extended Learning.

Below are several resources that provide additional information: