Campus Connection Access Request Information

To obtain access to Campus Connection:

  1. Each employee must complete the Data Privacy Training
    1. Login using your NDUS Identifier username and password (e.g. firstname.lastname)
    2. Click 'Yes' if prompted to enroll in the course
    3. Click 'NDUS Data Privacy Quiz' to complete the training

  2. Each employee must submit the UND FERPA Statement of Understanding to the Office of the Registrar
    1. The Statement of Understanding PDF form needs to be printed and signed by both the employee and the department chair after the data privacy training has been completed.

  3. Department Chair must submit the ConnectND Access Request form to the Office of the Registrar
    1. The Access Request Excel file needs to be submitted electronically to: and must come from the chair's email account. Instructions and a list of roles for the form are below if you want to refer to them.
      1. Instructions
      2. Roles

NOTE: The access request cannot be processed until the online data privacy training has been completed and both forms have been received by the Office of the Registrar.


ConnectND Campus Access Control Officer - Student Administration
Office of the Registrar
264 Centennial Drive Stop 8382
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND 58202-8382
P 701.777.2711
F 701.777.2696