Collaborative Registration Information

A collaborative student is one who is earning their degree from UND and chooses to enroll in courses at another North Dakota University System (NDUS) institution within the same term. The institution from which the student is earning a degree is considered the "home institution.” The institution(s) that supplies courses for a degree is considered the "provider institution(s)."

For more information on the Collaborative Program please see Take Classes at Multiple Campuses.

To register as a collaborative student, you must meet the following criteria:

  • UND undergraduate degree seeking student in good academic and financial standing.
  • Enrolled in at least one degree credit course at UND for the semester you are requesting to take the collaborative course(s). (Correspondence, enroll anytime, courses are excluded.).
  • Meet all course prerequisites required by the provider campus.
  • Complete the electronic Collaborative Registration prior to the tenth calendar day of the semester.
  • You will be notified by the Provider campus via email once your request has been processed.

UND Collaborative Procedures:

  • Collaborative students will retain collaborative status for the entire semester.
  • A “Collaborative Hold” will be placed on student’s record. This hold only prevents the student from making any changes at the provider campus. It does not affect UND registration.
  • Drop/adds of courses at provider campus must be processed through the UND collaborative contact, Marge Steffen.
  • The student pays tuition/fees at their Home Institution for the Collaborative Courses. The cost information is received from the Provider Institution. This additional amount will be included on the student's account balance at UND. Collaborative courses are not subject to the UND tuition cap.A transcript from the provider institution will automatically be sent to UND at the end of the semester. Courses will be posted as transfer credit.
  • Credits taken at the provider campus(s) will be combined with credits at UND for financial aid purposes.

For questions please contact Marge Steffen: or 777-6130.