Dropping a Course and Withdrawal Policies

Courses can only be dropped through Campus Connection. You cannot drop to zero courses on Campus Connection, as this is considered a withdrawal from school.

How to Withdraw from UND

If you wish to withdraw from UND, you must complete the Cancellation/Withdrawal Form. If you have questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Financial Implications

Students are responsible for 100% of tuition and fees charged for courses dropped after the first 9% of the semester/session. Credits for courses dropped will be posted to your account according to the following schedule:

Regular Academic Semester Semester Start Date 100% Credit Date*
Spring 2018 (1830) 01/09/18 01/09/18
Fall 2017 (1810) 08/21/17 08/30/17
Summer 2017 (1740) 05/15/17 Contact One-Stop Student Services**

* Last day to receive a credit on your Campus Connection account for dropped classes.
** Because of the number of sessions offered during the summer, you will need to contact the One-Stop Student Services office with exact course start/end dates, course name and number. With that information we can then give you the 9% deadline date to drop a course and receive a refund.

If you are registered for classes and want to unregister for ALL classes, this is considered as withdrawing from school. However, if you do not officially withdraw from school, you will be responsible to pay for 100% of the tuition and fees charged to your Campus Connection account. You cannot officially withdraw from school online using Campus Connection; you must contact the Office of the Registrar and complete an electronic form.

The date of the official cancellation will be the date the letter or form is received by the Office of the Registrar. You should check with the Office of the Registrar to verify the receipt of the cancellation.